The Story


The 2020 COVID lockdown was a hard hit for all but allowed a few masterminds like myself, Graham Manson to spark an interest in developing my own business. After finding it difficult to stick to a keto diet, I began an endeavour to find a tasty guilt-free food option. I started looking through my fridge for something to eat and I noticed some stale cheese that had begun to puff up, and that’s when the idea struck me. So let me introduce you to QB’s Cheese Snack. A deliciously crunchy snack that is 100% cheese, keto-friendly, gluten-free, vegetarian, lactose-free, no carbs and has compostable packaging! What else could you want? 


After months of experimenting and refining this product, the demand from family and friends urged me to transform my passion into a business. I moved my base of operations out of my parent’s house in Nelson and into the Food Factory - a food-grade workplace where I could gather and set up new and improved equipment, with the anticipation of an increase in production, and boy was I correct. 


With nothing to lose and everything to gain, we entered QB’s Snacks into the 2022 Foodstuffs FoodStarter competition and were selected as the winner of the Start-Up Category. This is a Foodstuffs co-op initiative that offers grocery entrepreneurs a fast-tracked journey to help scale up their businesses. I was over the moon with this result and had overwhelming support from everyone around me. Foodstuffs North Island New Zealand Managing Director, Chris Quin says “As a 100% locally owned and operated cooperative, supporting businesses that are aligned to the organisation’s values as well as what customers are seeking is a win-win.” With mentoring and guidance from Foodstuffs, I have been able to take this business to the next level. You will find QB’s Snacks across New World’s shelves all around Aotearoa. Not only are they the best snack for all, but they align with so many dietary preferences and values. Be careful though…. They are dangerously addictive. 


QB’s Snacks are the best go-to for school lunches, an easy on-the-go snack, great for parties, an extra crunch in your burger or your summer salads, and even a crumb for fried chicken if you crush them up. Whatever you decide to do with them, just know your tastebuds will be satisfied.