Econic Packaging and QB’S Crunchy Cheese Snacks.

QB’S Crunchy Cheese 40g bags are made from EconicClassic home compostable packaging, which is made in Hamilton by Convex New Zealand.


EconicClassic packaging is made from a combination of compostable films derived from sustainably-managed renewable resources that have been laminated together to lock in the freshness and flavour of dry products. Each film used to make EconicClassic packaging has been certified as home compostable by either the European or Australian home compostable standards (OK Compost Home or AS5810) and will break down when disposed of in a composting environment containing heat, water, oxygen soil and micro-organisms.

EconicClassic was purpose-developed by Convex New Zealand to provide a functional eco-friendly packaging option for coffee and dry goods. With its high oxygen and moisture barriers specifically designed to lock in the freshness and flavour of the packaged goods, EconicClassic quickly became a popular choice for coffee roasters and other businesses wanting to be more sustainable.


The Econic journey started when Trade Aid New Zealand used it to pack their organic instant coffee in October 2010. Since then, Econic has evolved from the original high barrier home compostable pack for coffee and dry goods, into a growing range of sustainable packaging options for a wide range of products, including moist meat and salad greens. The original high barrier, EconicClassic variant is used for the QB’S Crunchy Cheese Snack packs.


You can find more information about Convex New Zealand’s Econic story here.